Dating services for young people who have incontinence

From the bladder, urine flows through a tube called the urethra and out of the body.

Sphincter muscles act like a valve that holds urine in or releases it.

It’s hard enough to talk to loved ones and close friends about incontinence, what about a virtual stranger. Sexy undergarments are pretty much out of the question for many, right?

After further time, and appts she was referred to a totally unsympathetic consultant, who said other than phsyio there is nothing that can be done.

Here was a man who was a radiation oncologist, who was saying, “Maybe you should have surgery.” So even though I had talked to other people, I think that was really the convincing moment.

My wife and I were looking for a cure, and all of the information we were getting was that, given my set of circumstances, surgery was best. And all the information I was getting was, “Get this thing out of you.” Another factor was that I was young enough that people were saying, “Look, you’ve got a long life to live.

She has gained a lot of confidence over this past year, but is still nervous about meeting someone new.

Her concern is how to explain her medical condition to someone new.