Dropbox not updating on computer

First, make sure that Cloud Sync is working on your desktop computer: YNAB’s "Cloud Sync" has nothing to do with the Apple Inc. YNAB’s Cloud Sync uses the free file syncing service Dropbox. 99.9% of the time, Cloud Sync doesn't work because you are not linked to the same Dropbox account that the desktop is using.

You can check this by clicking the Dropbox icon, then the gear in the corner of the window that appears. Make sure you have the same budget open on each device. Please Note: Cloud Sync can’t be used with the i Phone 3G or the 8GB version of the 3rd generation i Pod touch.

If you use different Dropbox accounts on your desktop computers, you must open YNAB on each of your desktops before YNAB can see your budget on your mobile devices.

Open the budget you want to cloud sync at least once from each computer.

It’s called Selective Sync, but to find it you’ll have to dig a little bit. On Windows there’s a good chance that you’ll need to click the up arrow to the left of your system tray, in order to see the rarely-clicked icons. Whatever your operating system, you’ll see the standard Dropbox window, which includes a rolling list of recently synced files. From here, a sub-window will pop up, allowing you to uncheck specific folders or sub-folders.

Uncheck anything that you don’t want synced to the computer that you’re currently using.

Dropbox will then get to work on deleting the files you unchecked, and will not sync them to this computer until you change the setting back.

Mac OS X 10.7.3 -- Dropbox 1.2.52 I had a similar problem a long time ago.Try syncing data between local NTFS drive and Dropbox. Dropbox doesn’t interferes with your normal Internet usage unless required to do so.It uses a specific bandwidth to smoothly synchronize your files, according to its requirements. The app should sync as soon as a file is sent to your dropbox.The problem is probably some authentication issue, like passwords or inclusion of the i Pad in your account profile.