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Later, bisexual masseuse Mal, had three men and three women to choose from.

Her search triggered 100 shots of men’s intimate parts of 82 of women’s.

It also caused a storm on social media, with users labelling it “the definition of trash TV” and “the depths of vacuous entertainment”.

The show, hosted by Anna Richardson, sees a contestant select from six naked hopefuls looking for love, whose bodies and then faces are revealed in stages from the feet up.

One of the couples that met on the show even ended up getting married.

Reality TV shows have proved remarkably popular in France with shows like "The Angels of Reality TV" pulling in millions of viewers, partly thanks to stars such as Nabilla, who has billed herself as France's answer to Kim Kardashian and gone on to make a career for herself, before being charged with attempting to kill her boyfriend.

The US version of the programme - Dating Naked - which blurs out all sensitive parts of the body has proved so popular that it has been commissioned for a second season.

According to the Sun, in 48 minutes, not including commercials, the show flashed a total of 282 shots of penises and 96 vaginas.

During the show there were 175 shots of penises as the first dater, music producer Ania, started her search before her privates were shown 11 times in quick succession.

“It was scheduled appropriately and clear warnings were given prior to broadcast.” The regulator also said it will not investigate a small number of complaints about a bullying storyline in Emmerdale, but will investigate a single complaint made about James O’Brien on his LBC radio show.

has returned to Channel 4 and is causing just as much controversy as ever.