Geektools clock not updating

I'm trying to run simple commands so I can have Geek Tool output date/time etc. Should be simple enough to do but it never actually outputs anything into the boxes. Console log shows it's getting spammed by Geek Tool to say 'command not found', though the same command (e.g. All I want to achieve is the ability to output a clock displaying time/date on my desktop that fits into my wallpaper. I’ll talk about some of the tools here that can help you spruce up your OS X desktop. Wallpaper Clocks is quite self-explanatory and straight-forward.It is an application that changes your wallpaper from a static image file into an animated clock.More Info and Download: Wallpaper Clocks Windows users can check our desktop wallpaper tools section to know about the various wallpaper tricks and hacks we’ve covered so far.Generally, computer desktops are a mess to deal with.

If you’re using an older version and the date and time formats in your System Preferences are set to your liking, you can simply update ical Buddy.I've tried changing the format of the commands, using the built-in editor window as well as the command line box on the Properties tab. I had a look at the permissions in '/' (because Geek Tool runs commands from there) and nothing unusual comes up. When I use a command that simply echo's a string it works (e.g. Does anyone have experience with Geek Tool, and understand why it won't run basic commands? Please edit your question; adding the following points may get you better answers: 1. And you don’t have to worry about being smote by the ghost of Steve.Instagram fans who can’t live without a frequent update of their friends’ drunken selfies/future blackmail fodder are in luck.