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We don’t even market one way or the other but we’re like, "Hmm.We seem to have equal women and men in equal ratio across the ages." The population of single and looking in the real world tends to be slightly more men than women, but it’s actually pretty close. But when you go on these sites, the ratios are really skewed.

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But if a recent Washington Post article is any indication, then the restaurant has plenty of feelings about you being there.Do you know if other dating sites have similar discrepancies in gender, and how does Siren compare?That’s something from the very beginning [Siren has] always had.The Post article, by Lavanya Ramanathan, explains why restaurants — at least in the DC area — "hate" your first dates.Ramanathan reports that people on those blind first dates end up lingering, sometimes even after they've paid the bill, disrupting the regular flow of customers.