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The rising Hollywood performer who raised to distinction for his part as Jeremy Gilbert on the CW arrangement Vampire Diaries, Steven Chadwick Mc Queen otherwise called Steven R.

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After all his diligent work that he has given for his vocation, he, at last, got a part as Jeremy Gilbert in the arrangement ' The Vampires Diaries' which offered his profession a good reprieve.

With only a week of meds remaining, Dan faces scarce resources and limited alternatives.

Typically the loss of medical services would be cause for significant alarm for an HIV-positive patient, but Brown treats the crisis as more of a minor inconvenience when Dan’s caseworker tells him he’ll have to wait three weeks to re-qualify for coverage.

Maya is mother to protagonist Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and estranged wife to Rowan "Eli" Pope (Joe Morton).

The character was believed dead by Olivia for many years, and was last seen on the season three finale after Rowan framed her for the death of President Grant's (Tony Goldwyn) son.