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RATINGS RATIONALE --RATIONALE FOR THE REVIEW FOR DOWNGRADE The primary driver underlying Moody's decision is the further deterioration in the country's external liquidity position since the last downgrade in December 2012.

Ukraine's foreign-exchange reserves have fallen by 30% year-on-year to around .7 billion at the end of August 2013.

I love it because, as one of the Rabbis, I have the chance to engage with the children and their families at such a formative time in their lives.

And most importantly, I love it because these children grow up feeling completely at home in the synagogue and with a Rabbi in their lives.

And while these earworm songs always get stuck in my head, I absolutely love hearing them.

I love it because, thanks to our ECC, the corridors of our synagogue are always alive with the sound of young children.

He was found one night "screaming, shaking, babbling, and banging and bashing his head into the adjacent wall," according to official documents.

He had fashioned a noose out of bedsheets, "but it was pointless," he later said, noting there was nowhere to hang it.

Her great interest in sports and travel may show off with her outgoing personality.Every day I would hear the children singing their songs as they walked along the corridor from their classrooms to one of our halls.I can’t count the number of times that I have heard the children singing: “Put your finger on the wall in the hall,” it could almost serve as the ECC theme song, with “Hold the railing” coming in a close second.The country's foreign-exchange reserves are already at a very low level and pressure on reserves is likely to rise due to increased domestic demand for foreign currency in the autumn and significant foreign-currency-denominated debt repayments until end-2014.2) Increased downside risk related to future negotiations with the IMF, which has negative implications for external liquidity and progress on domestic economic reform.