Updating old mame roms

You could test it on your computer without installing by using a bootable pendrive, cd or dvd.

also would i need a merged set or a split set , i can not remember Cheersok a bit more confused now , just looked up GM downloads and 0.171 is the latest so would i have to find a 0.171 set to make this work ?

Okay, not exactly how do you get MAME to run on Retro Pie, but more, how do you get the ROMs to work on Retro Pie? I have gone in on the ones that don't work, and have tried every emulator, and still won't run.

I've tried digging into this, and I just don't understand it. I read something about re-compiling it or something.

By examining the table it can be seen that the last 8 ROMs are identical for both sets.

Storing the ROMs in Not Merged means that there will be unnecessary duplication of information, which just wastes storage space.